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Seminole Tribe Gets to Keep Blackjack Tables

A three-day trial was finalized by the ruling of the court in favor of the Seminole Tribe in the dispute against the state of Florida over illegal running of blackjack tables. Both the state of Florida and Seminole Tribe filed suits against each other, but this Wednesday the U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle reached the decision which benefits the tribe. As a result, not only can the Seminole Tribe keep the blackjack tables in their casinos, but they will have the legal permission to operate them for the next 14 years.

Who Broke the Law?

The state of Florida and the Seminole Tribe have signed a contract in 2010 under which Seminole will be allowed to exclusively offer blackjack and other banked games for the amount of $1 billion. This meant that no other gambling facility could offer these games or any games that function on the similar basis. This contract was successfully implemented, banking over $1.5 billion and its expiry date was on August 1st.

Following the expiry of the contract the Tribe should have ceased operating the games in question but they refused to do so. What is more they have filed a suit against the state accusing them of breaching their contract by allowing other horse-racing venues to offer banked games. That is when the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation finally spoke and the state decided to counter sue the Tribe.

The Court is On Tribe’s Side

When the compact expired, Seminole Tribe of Florida made an attempt to reach a deal with the governor and draft a new compact that would allow them to continue providing table games. Unfortunately for the Tribe which was willing to pay even more than in the previous five years, the legislators did not approve. The Tribe’s casinos continued to offer table games, which was illegal considering the fact that the 2010 compact was no longer valid. The state gave them a 90-day period to remove table games from their gaming establishments. That is when the Tribe decided to take matters to court, having known that the state has breached the clause of exclusivity of their contract.

Despite the fact that the state filed a counter suit, the U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle ruled in favor of Tribe’s case, thus allowing them to keep table games, because according to the 2010 contract the Tribe is entitled to 15 years of using table games in case the state breaches the clause of exclusivity.

The interesting thing is that Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, state authority in charge of gambling, failed to report any issues with the table games. They reacted only after the Tribe filed the suit. The Court reprimanded FDBR for this lack of reaction.

About Seminole Tribe

Seminole Tribe of Florida is one of the three Seminole entities in the US. Their casinos include two Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casinos, Seminole Casinos Coconut Creek, Seminole Casino Classic, Seminole Immokalee and Seminole Casino Brighton. Seminole Tribe gaming activity generates 90% of their revenue.

Play Blackjack Anytime

If you do not happen to live in Florida or want the convenience of playing from home, play at any of our recommended casinos which offer USA online blackjack. Every casino listed here accepts USA players and offers online blackjack. If you do want that brick and mortar casino feel while still playing online, play at any of the casinos which offer live dealer blackjack. Live dealer casinos allow you to play blackjack and other games at brick and mortar casinos over a live streaming feed. You get the convenience of online play while still playing with a real live person as the dealer.


Best Software for Online Blackjack

Playing blackjack online is great! Of course it can be even better if you pay for a trip to Las Vegas or Macau but let’s be honest, not every day we get this chance!

So the best and most convenient way to play blackjack is actually online in front of your PC, laptop or mobile device. After all, this is what makes things easy for us and it’s really great to alternate from one online casino to another, from one software provider to another as per our requirements or preferences.

But before we get into action, we will have to choose an online casino we trust and even more important, a casino platform that will suit our needs.

If you live in the United States, here are some of the best and highly recommended online casino platforms for playing USA online blackjack:

Real Time Gaming

Also known as RTG, this online casino software provider is perhaps the most known in the world especially among USA players. They are also known for some great blackjack games and you can try online casino like Bovada, 5Dimes, Desert Nights or Lucky Red Casino. Make sure you create an account with these and take advantage of some great online blackjack bonuses.


Betsoft is yet another major online casino software provider that provides a wide range of some of the best casino games you can find on the web. It is true that they are more specialized on slots and they really have one of the best slots on the market, but they also offer several variations of online blackjack and as a US customer you will be happy to play at some of the online casinos powered by this platform. One destination of the kind is Black Diamond Casino. They will offer you several blackjack variations and delight you with live blackjack in case you prefer real-life action scenes.


Rival are also one of the well-known online casinos software providers operating with US players and delighting them with some very nice online blackjack games and variations. They have been in the business since 2006 and nowadays operate a handful of some of the best online casinos accepting players from the United States and not only. Some of the Rival-powered online casinos offering online blackjack are Black Diamond Casino, Bovada or Desert Nights. Create an account with them in case you haven’t done that already and do not miss this chance!

There are many other casino software providers for online blackjack but RTG, Rival and Betsoft are part of our recommended list and you can be sure that you will not regret should you give them a chance. What’s best, they make things easy for you in terms of payment methods accepted and as a USA citizen you will feel safe. See all of our USA blackjack reviews to find the online casino right for you and get started playing online for real money.


Check Out Live Dealer Blackjack

Play Live Dealer BlackjackIf you enjoy playing blackjack, which chances you do if you are here on this website, you really should check out a live dealer casino and live dealer blackjack. Using a live dealer casino you can play blackjack at a brick and mortar casino online right from home. Using a live streaming feed you are connected to the casino and can see the dealer, the table and your cards in real time. The camera never leaves the table so you see everything including the dealer shuffling the cards, dealing the cards and completing your game. Live dealer blackjack has really changed the way you can play online and if you are a serious blackjack player it is definitely worth a try. Who knows, you may never play standard online blackjack again.

To play live dealer blackjack you first have to find a live dealer casino and if you live in the United States a USA live dealer casino. Luckily, we have done all the research and testing needed to only play at the very best USA live dealer blackjack casinos. Our list of recommended live online casinos may be short, but they are the best USA live dealer casinos available.

Where to Play

To get started see our listing of the best USA online casinos for playing live dealer blackjack. At this time we only recommend three live online casinos, the BetOnline Casino, the Silver Oak Casino and the 5Dimes Casino. All three offer live dealer blackjack and all three also accept USA players. The BetOnline Casino is our top recommendation for playing live dealer blackjack and they also offer a great selection of standard online blackjack tables as well as many blackjack variations like Pontoon, Super 21 and Perfect Pairs to name a few.

BetOnline has been in business since 2001 and has quickly become one of the most reputable and trustworthy online gambling giants on the Internet. BetOnline not only offers an online casino (which includes live dealers) but they also offer a full service and online sportsbook as well as an online poker site. Players can use all three features with the same account so if you also like to bet on some sports or play online poker you only need to fund and maintain one player account. Sign up at BetOnline and play live dealer blackjack, standard online blackjack and just about every other online casino game available as well as a great selection of online slot machines and video poker machines. See our BetOnline Blackjack review for more details and use any of our links to visit the casino and sign up as a new real money player.

The Silver Oak and 5Dimes casinos are also great choices to play live dealer blackjack as well as standard USA online blackjack. Both also offer a full variety of other real money online casino games, online slots and video poker machines. The Silver Oak Casino is available for both download and instant play but you must first download the casino in order to play live dealer blackjack. The BetOnline and 5Dimes Casino are both 100% flash based so there is no software to download even if you wanted to.

With the advances made in both Internet speeds and graphics there really is not any reason to download an online casino anymore but some players do still prefer to play using a casino client installed on their computer. On the other hand, using an instant play casino gives you a little more flexibility as you can play using any computer (including a Mac) as well as a tablet or iPad as long as you have an Internet connection. If you do want to be able to download the casino to your computer then Silver Oak is your best choice but if you prefer using an instant play online casino then we recommend BetOnline or 5Dimes, with BetOnline being our top choice.

If you want to play live dealer blackjack use any of our recommended USA live dealer blackjack casinos and you can always expect a great online experience. Again BetOnline is our top choice, but all three live dealer casinos offer a great experience for playing both live dealer games and standard online casino games. All three online casinos also offer other live dealer games such as live dealer baccarat, roulette and casino holdem. If you would like more information on other live dealer games see another website we operate,, which is an entire website dedicated to USA live online casinos. Find information on live dealer blackjack as well as all other live dealer games and USA online live dealer casinos in general.

More Information on Live Dealer Blackjack

If you are an online blackjack fan you really should check out one of our recommended live dealer blackjack casinos. Playing at a live dealer casino gives more of a brick and mortar casino experience while still playing online right from home. See more about playing live dealer blackjack and then sign up at any of our recommended USA live blackjack online casinos and get started playing using real live dealers. If you are new to playing blackjack also see our blackjack strategy chart which will immediately increase your winning percentage. The chart is also printable so you can reference it anywhere, including if you pay a visit to a brick and mortar casino.


Low Limit Blackjack

One of the biggest advantages of playing blackjack online, besides the fact that you can play it from the comfort of your home, is the low limits online casinos have to offer. When playing blackjack online you can find stakes as low as $1 making it affordable for almost everyone. Not all of us can comfortably afford $10+ minimum bets which can be found in land based casinos. It gets even more frustrating when you see an amazing single deck blackjack table with favorable rules, only to find out that the minimum stake is $50 or higher.

Online blackjack is a different world and you can find the most favorable USA friendly blackjack games with bets of just $1 and even lower. And we are not talking just about video blackjack, but live dealer tables as well.

How is it possible?

Some of you might ask: “How it can be?” Why can online casinos can have a 0.2% house edge game with such low bets and regular casinos not?

There are two main reasons for that. First, brick and mortar casinos are more expensive to manage. They have so many expenses to cover: dealers, waitresses, electricity, not to mention building the casino itself. You can see each table or slot machine as a piece of real estate. It’s “rented” to players and needs to bring the casino a certain amount per hour to make it profitable.

If the house edge is high – the casinos offer lower minimum stakes, but if they allow same bets on a favorable table, they just won’t make any money. That’s why all the high payout games have high minimum bets to compensate for that.

For online blackjack the situation is different. First, the expenses are lower. Second, there is no limit to how many players can enjoy the same game at the same time. There can be literally thousands of players on the same blackjack game from all around the country or even world. And the math is simple: better odds + lower stakes = more players.

Live dealer blackjack is a bit different, but even there, online casinos have the upper hand. With the recent addition of Bet Behind feature – the number of players that can play at a single live dealer table is almost endless. As a result, online casinos have started offering low limit bets on these games too.

The bottom line is that if you like playing blackjack, but not looking to bust the house, online low limit blackjack is the perfect place. You can still enjoy your favorite game, without risking much of your hard earned cash. Play USA online blackjack at any of our recommended casinos and play for as little as $1 per game.


What is Card Counting and How Does it Work?

Card counting is part of what makes blackjack unique, in that it is the only real way a player can claim an advantage over the casino without breaking the law and cheating. Here we take a look at what cared counting is, when it was “invented” and whether it remains relevant in the modern world of blackjack and specifically USA online blackjack.

What is card counting?

Card counting is a method a player uses to keep track of the rough formation of the deck by following what cards have already been dealt. In general, high cards in the deck help the player, whilst low cards in the deck are less advantageous. By knowing how many high value cards remain to be dealt the player can ascertain whether they are more or less likely to win any given hand and alter their bets accordingly. When the deck is favorable, they will stake big and when it is against them they will stake small or not at all.

When was it first formulated?

Dr. Edward O. Thorp is considered by many to have been the first person to espouse card counting in his classic 1962 book Beat The Dealer. That said, there are known to be several professional and semi-professional players using similar systems in the 1950s and perhaps the most famous four men in blackjack history, known as the Four Horsemen, published Playing Blackjack to Win in 1957.

That book was more focused on Basic Strategy but also touched on card counting and ultimately the wonder of card counting cannot be fairly attributed to any one single person, although it almost certainly began in the 1950s in America.

How does it work?

Blackjack is unique among casino games in that what has gone before has an impact on what will happen next. In slots or roulette – or indeed any other online of offline casino game – keeping track of previous spins is pointless. However, in blackjack this is not the case.

High cards are proven to help the player, making it easier to hit blackjack, making doubling more successful and, most crucially of all, making the dealer more likely to bust when they are forced to hit on 12 to 16.

There are countless variations of card counting but what they all have at their core is keeping track of the relative numbers of high cards and low cards that remain in the deck and using this count to alter how the player approaches the game.

Can you use card counting to play USA online blackjack?

Card counting remains legal but the casinos have, over the years, introduced a range of measures to offset it. When it comes to playing USA online blackjack, the benefits of card counting are minimal, with almost all real money online casinos effectively shuffling the pack after every hand, thus ensuring that all cards are in play on every hand.


Best Blackjack Bonuses April 2016

If you live in the US and want to play real money online blackjack then not only have we got all the best USA online blackjack sites for you to choose from, we’ve also got a range of great blackjack bonuses to help you make a profit too. Read on for the latest and best blackjack bonuses available online right now, April 2016.

There are lots of things we take into account when assessing a bonus and perhaps the most important is the quality, reliability and trustworthiness of the site itself. A great bonus is no use if the games are poor and the casino makes depositing and withdrawing a nightmare. The other crucial factors are the wagering terms and how blackjack works towards these and so the following are the best of the best. If you don’t have an account with all of these blackjack sites you’re in luck, because great games and even better bonuses are just a click or three away.

Silver Oak

Silver Oak are a great USA online blackjack site and their bonus fittingly gives you an extra 21% on blackjack! Deposit between $50 and $500 for a 100% bonus with bonus code SILVERBLACK1, use code SILVERBLACK2 to get a 120% bonus for deposits from $501 to $1,000 and code SILVERBLACK3 for deposits over $1,000, on which you’ll get a massive 140% bonus! But, as said, on top of those, you’ll get an extra 21% too, so that’s a massive 161% bonus for you high rollers!

This blackjack bonus is for existing customers of Silver Oak too, so you can even claim a bonus before taking up this blackjack special and best of all, the wagering is just 60 times the bonus and deposit. That might sound like a lot, but with blackjack counting 100%, as opposed to just 10% or even less at some casinos, that 60x rollover is actually VERY generous.


Bovada are another great real money blackjack site that tick all the right boxes and blackjack fans can claim a brilliant 100% bonus up to $250, valid for blackjack and indeed all non-slots games. This bonus can be claimed four times for a total of $1,000 in free blackjack cash!

Use bonus code GAMES250 each time you deposit and note that whilst Single Deck Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Craps, Roulette and mini games in the Bovada Sportsbook are excluded from the wagering, many other blackjack variants are perfectly valid and the wagering is just 40 times the deposit and bonus!


Latest Blackjack and Casino News – December 2015

We love playing blackjack and with so many great options for USA online blackjack (check out our reviews and bonus info for the latest great sites and promotions) you don’t even need to leave the house to have a game. However, whether we’re on a run of bad luck, waiting to get paid or just fancy a change, sometimes we like to take a break from playing the great game of blackjack. At times like these we take a look at the news – blackjack news, of course!

MIT Blackjack Legend Sells Vegas Mansion for $9m

Andy Bloch, the 46-year-old poker and blackjack ace who was part of the infamous MIT blackjack team that inspired the movie 21, has put his Vegas mansion on the market. If you fancy living in the former house of Bloch, who won more than $100,000 in a single blackjack session in his MIT glory years, you’ll need some big bucks of your own, with the asking price just a shade under $9m. Who said you can’t make a living playing cards?

The six bedroom palace has, naturally enough, a games room with in-built poker table, a prime view over the Vegas strip from the outdoor pool and even a media room. It’s a bit rich for us but maybe one day …

Cheating at the Tables in Southbridge

A 52-year-old dealer, Roy Mariano, and a 36-year-old woman, Marlene Rivera, have been charged with larceny after surveillance footage from the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut allegedly showed them conspiring to cheat. It is said that on 16 times in August this year Mariano overpaid Rivera by substituting $100 chips for $5 chips when he paid out. The pair are alleged to have split the $78,000 profit 50/50 and Mariano says he took part in the scam after his hours and pay were cut. The case continues.

Delta Corp Shares Surge

Shares in Delta Corp jumped 6% today after it was announced they had been granted permission to operate blackjack and other casino games at one of their Indian hotels in Goa. This is the first time Delta Corp have been granted an on-shore license and they hope this will pave the way for further expansion into the potentially huge Indian market, where they already own three offshore casinos in the state of Goa.