What Are Perfect Pairs Side Bets in Online Blackjack?

“Perfect pairs” is a side bet that you can make in some of the online blackjack games and it is very popular among some of the blackjack lovers. It usually comes as a part of European Blackjack which is played mostly with two decks. All rules are pretty much the same in Perfect Pairs, except that you get to place an additional bet which will be triggered only if you get a pair in the first two dealt cards.

Therefore, it is a great way to earn additional money and the odds are not that bad because only two decks are used. For example, Perfect Pairs in American blackjack would be more difficult to hit as it is usually played with six to eight decks. Therefore, if you find an American blackjack with Perfect Pairs side bet feature, you’ll be making a brave move to bet on them, but you will also be rewarded with a lot of money if you have a pair. Nevertheless, let’s stick to the European version because it is also available to players who are looking for USA online blackjack.

How Perfect Pairs Side Bets Pay?
If you get a mixed pair, such as a jack of hearts and a jack of spades, you will get paid 7/1, However, if you match the color as well, and get, say, a jack of hearts and a jack of diamonds, you will receive 15/1. The most difficult thing to get is the so-called perfect pair. Since the game is played with two decks, it is only natural that all cards appear twice in the game. Therefore, if you manage to get, say, two jack of hearts as your first two cards, you will be properly rewarded and get 30/1 pay.

However, you need to understand that Perfect Pairs is still a side bet, and many professional blackjack players don’t like placing side bets as they are not that connected to the game itself. But if you like to play this game for fun, you can always test your luck and make a small side bet, hoping for the best. If you manage to win some money by placing a Perfect Pairs bet, good for you! If you don’t — it’s a game of chance after all! Therefore, make sure to find a USA friendly blackjack site and look for this type of blackjack to test your luck.

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