5 Best Blackjack Players of All Time

The five players presented below really made a difference when playing blackjack. It was their primary passion in life, and they devoted tens of thousands of hours to this game so that they could be at the top of their game and earn valuable cash prizes. They really made an impact back then, and they would probably do even better if they had an option to play USA online blackjack.

Don Johnson
One of the biggest achievements in Johnson’s life was winning $15 million when playing blackjack in three casinos in Atlantic City. He managed to do that in just six months, which is an insanely short period for that amount of money. His streak began when he placed a bet of $100,000 and won $800,000 in one hand, outsmarting the dealer with a wise decision and a little bit of luck. Naturally, they thought he was counting cards, but could not prove it!

Russ Hamilton
After moving to Vegas, Hamilton broke up with his old love called poker and fell in love with another card game called blackjack. He did not need blackjack bonuses to prove his skills, which were already established by playing poker. After showing what he was made of, he switched back to poker, only to return to blackjack once again. However, this time he was accused of cheating and lost respect in the gaming community.

Arnold Snyder
Snyder is a real gambling rockstar as he has written a couple of books on this topic, including one regarding blackjack. He would start off with small bets and learn more about a game that way, only to gradually increase and become proficient. He did not use card counting, per se, but combined it with a shuffling style in order to gain an advantage. His book is called The Blackjack Formula, so make sure to read it when you can!

Edward O. Thorp
Edward O. Thorp was popular because he basically invented the card counting technique and wrote a book about it called Beat the Dealer, which was the center of attention among casino lovers for a long time. The book significantly increased the popularity of blackjack in casinos. Apart from being a phenomenal blackjack player, Thorp was also a mathematics professor and a hedge fund manager.

Bryce Carlson
Carlson is a synonym for blackjack, as he has spent a lot of time not only researching and learning how to master the game, but also determining all of its rules and putting them down into a book he called Blackjack for Blood, which is the most comprehensive guide of this game ever written.

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