Play Blackjack with the Best Odds

Blackjack Strategy ChartWhen you decide to play blackjack, online or otherwise, be sure to always play with the best odds. Blackjack is one of the few casino games when played optimally can almost erase any casino advantage. There has been a lot of research on blackjack, and mathematicians especially have taken the time to research how to best play the game.

Luckily all the hard work has already been done and players can simply use the research that has already been completed to play blackjack with the best odds. You can see our blackjack strategy chart which easily lays out different hand scenarios and recommends whether you should hit, stand, split or double. As a player all you need to do is reference the chart and you can play both online blackjack and standard blackjack using the optimal strategy.

When playing USA online blackjack you can have the chart right in front of you or pulled up on your computer on another screen. If your playing at a brick and mortar casino, you can use the chart as we have a printable version of the chart which is more pocket sized and easily referenced discreetly. While the dealer and pit bosses at brick and mortar casinos do not necessarily mind if you reference a strategy chart it is best to be a little discreet about it.

If you do want to play real money online blackjack, use any of our recommended USA online casinos which offer a great online experience. All online casinos accept USA players and also do a great job getting USA deposits approved. Also by using one of our links to visit the casino and sign up you will receive a bonus which is good for blackjack play. Combine the free money you receive via the bonus, and the optimal play provided by our blackjack strategy chart, and you can just about eliminate any casino advantage. Get even a small run of good luck and you can watch your chip stack grow quickly.

Get started playing online blackjack using our strategy chart and play with the best odds possible in your favor. Again all the online casinos we list and recommend accept USA players and all also do a great job getting USA deposits approved including credit cards. All casinos also have years of experience in the online gaming business and have solid track records for fair games and paying players quickly. BetOnline (our top online blackjack casino) for example has been in business since 2001. With over 15 years offering online casino games you can be confident they offer a great experience and treat their players well. Other wise they could not survive for so long in such a competitive industry.

Good luck at the tables, even though you will need a lot less luck by playing with the best odds and using the optimal strategy.

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